Changing habits is not always easy. There are often a lot of obstacles preventing people from choosing new modes of transport.

By removing these obstacles at every level, Modalizy can make your company more mobile. A solution which improves the well-being of your employees, the positioning of your business, your productivity and your profitability. Modalizy’s goal is to offer a comprehensive solution to overcome the challenges to companies’ mobility and the management of their travel expenses.

Modalizy is a subsidiary of the OCTA+ group, whose objective is to provide a practical solution to companies’ mobility needs. Modalizy’s operations are strengthened through its collaboration with an extensive network of mobility partners in Belgium. Over the years, mobility has become a pivotal factor, both in our society and in the world of business. The congestion of the roads in and around big cities, and the environmental impact of our journeys mean that companies need to change their approach to mobility. The car is no longer the only choice. The future of travel promises to be multimodal.

People who choose new modes of transport find various barriers in their way. Europcar Mobility gets rid of them all. With Modalizy Pass, Budget, Flex, and our app, there is something to suit all tastes.

How does it work?


  • February 2017

    Launch of Modalizy

  • Octobre 2017

    Fleet Innovation Award by Link2Fleet

  • January 2018

    Best Start-Up Award 2018 #WeAreMobility by Febiac

  • March 2018

    Mobility in Portugal was added to our network

  • April 2018

    Modalizy becomes Europcar’s partner for the launch of the Europcar Mobility Pass

    Signature of the Green Deal Shared Mobility

  • August 2018

    Partner of Slim naar Antwerpen

  • February 2019

    Launch of Modalizy Budget and Modalizy Flex and adaptation of the website

  • June 2019

    Integration of M-Ticketing (De Lijn) and SNCB online ordering module in the Modalizy application

  • January 2020

    Third #WeAreMobility participation (Brussels Motor Show), the most important mobility event of the year

  • March 2020

    Covid-19 has a major impact on our mobility:

    • Fewer movements during the lockdown
    • More telework to reduce placements
    • More journeys by bicycle
  • December 2020

    Launch of our renewed customer area MyModalizy and application

    Modalizy HybridCard replaces Modalizy Refill as a solution for electric charging and classic refuelling


The Modalizy Team

A young company with a dynamic and motivated team which truly believes in the brand. This is unquestionably the case for the Modalizy team. Find out more about the different members of our team below. With your help, we want to overcome the major challenges of mobility.

  • Etienne Rigo


    With a background in economics and more than 30 years of experience in the fuel and mobility sector, he has a strong sense of entrepreneurship and risk. His experience and his passion for the mobility sector make him a specialist, regularly consulted for his expertise. His extensive contacts and perseverance have allowed us to build prestigious partnerships. CEO of OCTA + Group and Modalizy, he is also president of the We Are Mobility section of the Febiac.

  • Alain Allyn

    Business Development Manager

    His rich and varied experience had led him in the marketing, real estate and energy sector and finally directed him to the world of mobility. In charge of the development of Modalizy's activities since 2016, he has set up, in close collaboration with Etienne, numerous partnerships. He has also developed our client portfolio while participating in numerous symposia on mobility. His expertise, his skills and his enthusiasm make of Alain the privileged contact person to develop and implement the most adapted solutions to the needs of our customers.

  • Iris Rassios

    Community & PR Specialist

    She joined the team after her training in public relations. Young and motivated, she has developed a passion for the multimodal mobility sector in recent years. In collaboration with Michaël, she is responsible for the project development, communication, and the improvement of the website and the app to meet our user requests and exceed in order to meet our customer expectations.

  • Niel Vandervelde

    Sales Representative

    After having wandered in the tourism sector, to then put all his skills at the service of OCTA+ customers, this young man passionate and motivated by mobility and sales, joined the Modalizy team in October 2018. He supports Alain and the sales team in the north of the country, with one goal in mind: to advise his clients and improve mobility for all thanks to our solutions. A challenge he meets daily with a smile and motivation without flaws!

  • Michaël Vanlangendonck

    Marketing Manager

    Has a degree in national and international marketing, and in online and offline communication. Involved in the creation of websites, mobile applications and digital solutions for over 15 years. In the last few years he's been deeply immersed in digital transformation. In collaboration with Iris, he closely follows the evolution of the mobility market and remains attentive to the development of products, tools and solutions adapted to the expectations of our customers and our users.