About Modalizy

The aim of Europcar Mobility is to provide a comprehensive solution to the challenges of business mobility and management of business travel expenses.

Modalizy S.A. is a subsidiary of the OCTA+ group whose ambition is to provide concrete solutions to the needs of businesses in terms of mobility. Its activities are developed in collaboration with a network of mobility partners in Belgium.

Working towards multi-modal mobility

As the years have passed, mobility has become a of high importance for society in general and businesses in particular.

The saturation of major roads in and around big cities, but also the awareness of the environmental consequences linked to our means of travel have pushed companies to reconsider their position with regard to mobility.

Cars are no longer the only means envisaged for getting from A to B. Now is the time for multimodality.

An all-in-one solution for your mobility

By removing obstacles at all levels of your company, Europcar Mobility enables you to ease the mobility of your business, to the benefit of your employee’s well-being, the positioning of your business, your productivity and your profitability.

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Transforming constraints into opportunities

This assessment has not, however, been sufficient to change deep-rooted habits, especially when obstacles get in the way of adopting new forms of mobility.

For your employees who use a company car, occasionally taking public transport involves:

  • Paying for a ticket
  • Collecting proof of payment
  • Submitting a bill of costs


The same constraints are true for your employees who possess a train pass, which they would like to occasionally swap to rent a bike…

Europcar Mobility provides a simple answer to all these problems and facilitates the processing of business travel expenses.

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