With Europcar Mobility, all the travel expenses of your company are collated on a sole and single invoice, meaning no more racing around to find proofs of purchase!

The processing of bills of costs can prove to be a genuine headache, especially when proofs of purchases go missing… Recovery of VAT? Forget it: it proves to be almost impossible for most expenses!

What if you received a single detailed invoice, documenting each piece of business travel expense incurred by your company? This is what Europcar Mobility has to offer to you. What’s more, we recover VAT for you on a maximum amount of these costs.

In concrete terms, as a third-party payer, we settle all your travel expenses for you. We then re-invoice them to you in one go at the end of each month. Payment can be made by automatic transfer, once or twice per month, with no need for any intervention on your behalf.

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Discover how Europcar Mobility simplifies your accounting

  • One single invoice for all your travel expenses
  • You no longer need to collect receipts, your Europcar Mobility invoice is sufficient
  • Recovery of VAT for a maximum amount of expenses
  • Time saved and gains in efficiency for all


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