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With Europcar Mobility, offer your employees maximum flexibility for their business trips and enjoy many advantages yourself!

Today, mobility is no longer just a simple logistical question: it is of high importance for a company’s success. Its impact on profitability, productivity and also on the image of your company is very high.


Europcar Mobility is an innovative and practical solution that enables maximum simplification of your employees’ daily life, as well as yours! Enjoy maximum flexibility for the organisation of your business trips and reduce the administrative load of processing expenses for your teams.

Europcar Mobility works like a third-party payment system and invoices you the totality of your company’s travel expenses and enabling you to recover VAT on a maximum amount of services.

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Improve the mobility of your company

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The right reasons for choosing Europcar Mobility

  • Increase the flexibility and productivity of your teams.
  • Reduce your administrative costs: you receive a detailed invoice each month, itemizing your company’s entire travel expenses.
  • Recover VAT on a maximum amount of expenses.
  • Reduce your leasing costs by proposing other options to your employees.


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