Offer an attractive mobility package to your employees and future recruits whilst committing your company to a sustainable, forward-looking approach.

Travel is a daily challenge for your employees, for home to work travels, but also for their day trips for appointments with customers or meetings off-site. Mobility also has a direct impact on well-being at work and on the balance between professional and private life.

By choosing Europcar Mobility, you choose a mobility solution that covers all the needs of your employees, enabling them maximum freedom and flexibility. This can be key in convincing new talents to join your company and to ensure the well-being of your teams.

Choosing Europcar Mobility is also a wayof committing your company to a responsible approach by facilitating access to public transport and soft mobility for all your company’s business trips.

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Your advantages at a glance

  • Maximum flexibility for your teams’ travel
  • Your employees no longer have to pay for the cost of their travels, collect receipts and submit bills of costs: everything is invoiced to your company at the end of each month
  • Commit your company to a sustainable and responsible approach
  • Improve the well-being and work/life balance of your employees

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