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  • Franck Willems
    CFO Ingestic

    Thanks to Europcar Mobility, our company makes less expense reports, which saves us time and money. We have a complete reporting that also allows us to analyze all our mobility expenses. In addition we enjoy significant VAT benefits. As a user, I appreciate the ease of finding the appropriate and available means of transportation, the user interface of the mobile site and the dynamics of Europcar Mobility with a growing number of partners as well as partner countries.

  • Thomas Hermine
    Founder - Project Manager

    Thanks to Europcar Mobility, I no longer need to keep all my receipts. I receive a detailed invoice every end of the month covering all my mobility expenses. It's really great !

  • Iris R.
    PR Specialist

    Getting around town has never been easier thanks to the Europcar Mobility mobile app! I have a clear overview of all the transportation means nearby and I can easily pay for all my travels with the Europcar Mobility Pass wink

  • Vincent D.
    Marketing Manager

    Now that my team uses the Europcar Mobility Pass, stressing about arriving on time for a meeting is part of the past ! yes